Sa-Go Auto Repair, Inc.
7am - 5pm
(425) 746-3008

At Sa-Go Auto Repair, Inc. we believe in putting quality first; we accomplish this by using only the highest grade quality parts and employing certified professionals. By doing so, Sa-Go Auto Repair, Inc. provides its customers with a 1 year warranty on parts and 2 years on labor. Sa-Go Auto Repair, Inc. is also associated with the TechNet Professional Network. This network consists of only the highest quality services centers around the nation. By choosing a TechNet facility you are ensuring that your repair is performed by qualified technicians while providing you with an enjoyable and worry free experience. Being part of the TechNet Network allows Sa-Go Auto Repair, Inc. employees to participate in the CARQUEST Technical Institute (CTI) which provides continuous education to automotive professionals.

Find out more about the TechNet Worry-Free Driving Nationwide Warranty here.

Want to know what CTI is doing for us? Find out more about it here.

Having warranty issues or finding a nearby TechNet facility? Find one here.

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