Sa-Go Auto Repair, Inc.
7am - 5pm
(425) 746-3008

Matthew Palmer II:

Matthew was born and raised in South Carolina and began his auto service career early on. As a 10 year old, Matthew began repairing his motorcycle and by age 14 was already capable of putting a clutch in his AMX. As a young adult, Matthew had the opportunity to work for a well respected shop and attributes most of his success and "know how" to his Dad. Matthew has a host of work experience behind him, ranging from a Corvette specialty/performance shop, to dealerships Chevy and Chrysler; he even has experience in forklift repair. Matthew truly is a well versed technician. He gained his first ASE certification in 1985 and has been an ASE Certified Technician for over 30 years. Furthermore, he has ASE certifications in Parts, Service Consulting and Medium/Heavy Truck repair. Matthew excels at understanding customer complaints and translating those issues into fixes. He prides himself in educating his customers and will often been seen under a car with them, thoroughly explaining a problem, fix or system function. Matthew also excels at vehicle diagnostics and is often recruited by other shops for diagnostic consults. Even with his impressive background and experience, Matthew still finds time to attend CTI continuous education, showing that he never ceases to strive for excellence.

Sam Wong:

Sam was originally born in China and grew up in Hong Kong. As a child, Sam always enjoyed cars and later came to decide that he was happiest when he was working on them, he fondly remembers the very first oil change he performed on a car. In 1994, Sam decided to further pursue this interest and moved to the United States. He attended the University of Utah's Automotive School and in 1997 moved to Washington, attending an Automotive Technical College based in Renton. Wasting no time, Sam received his first ASE certification in 1998 showing his natural talent for the business. Sam has a host of varied experience, beginning with Honda, then Dodge, Chevy and Hummer. He attributes much of his success as a quality technician to his first boss Jim. Sam then decided to expand his service abilities to all makes and models and went to work in an independent shop where he became acquainted with Matthew. Since then, they have always worked closely and have become a tight-knit team. As a technician, Sam is superior at performing circuit and wiring diagnostics. Like Matthew, Sam continues to educate himself through the CTI program.

Richard Spencer:

Richard was born in San Francisco, California. Richard got his first opportunity to shine at a young age of 7 when he and his dad broke down in their Fiat. Richard correctly diagnosed a blown fuse and took off from there. Moving to Snohomish, Washington at age 13 he decided he wanted to continue fixing cars. Richard found himself motivated by rebuilding mechanical items. He successfully completed a large list of repairs to a Chevy C10 and from there Richard knew the career he wanted to pursue. Richard has achieved an impressive list of knowledge and education ranging from his first ASE certification in 1995, to becoming an Emissions Certified Technician in 2000. He is a proven leader which he demonstrated while working at Boeing as a manager of manufacturing. Working as an alignment specialist for over 11 years Richard excels at dianosing suspension noise and ride related issues. Richard is an exceptional problem solver and is continually motivated to meet the expectations of our customers.

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