Sa-Go Auto Repair, Inc.
7am - 5pm
(425) 746-3008

This place is amazing! It is near impossible to find an honest mechanic these days. The work is fantastic and the customer service is even better. They have always exceed expectations and run a very clean shop! They actually showed me what needs to be fixed as opposed to just giving me a bill and telling me to be on my way. I'll never go to another shop again!

Nima Mohajeri - Redmond, WA

Matthew does excellent work, is extremely honest, is very hard working and is a man of his word. You won't be disappointed.

Bill & Gina Haines - Bellevue, WA

Matthew is the only person who works on my car. His shop is always clean and he and his staff are welcoming. They are always happy to take time to show you what is wrong with your car so there are no surprises and you can see your actual issue. I highly recommend them.

William Grose - Seattle, WA

We all hope to find that one mechanic who is honest, provides great customer service, and will not overcharge you when it's time to pay the final bill. Matthew, the owner of Sa-Go, is that one mechanic. He has been taking care of our Audi A6 for almost 6 years now, before that I had been taking it to the Audi dealership where I never managed to leave with a bill of less than $1,000. In the six years of seeing Matthew, I have never had a $1,000 bill again.

What I love about Matthew is that he will give it to you straight, he will tell you what work needs to be completed now and what work can wait. Now, Matthew is the only person allowed to care for my car, even if it is just for an oil change. I have complete faith and trust in Matthew and will never go to another mechanic. If you are in search for that honest, service-oriented mechanic, then look no further and go see Matthew. I promise you will not be disappointed.

Shannon and Barney Daniel - Seattle, WA

I have always been leary of taking my car to a mechanic because of my gender - and being taken advantage of by previous shops. This is the first time in all my 65 years that I feel total confidence that whatever Matthew says my car needs is, in fact, the truth. He stands behind his work 100%. He will always be the person I go to for diagnostics and repair of my vehicles and I would recommend him without reservation.

Susan Russell - Seattle,WA

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